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Renaissance Clothing

Posted in January 11th, 2007
Published in Halloween Costumes

A part of the Age of Renaissance was the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The clothing during that period spoke much about the social standing of the wearer. One could largely distinguish between aristocracy or nobility and the lower-downs. In fact what one wore was extremely important, as compared to the present day scenario.

The rich wore fabrics such as velvet, satin and cotton, whereas the poor wore flannel and other cheaply available fabrics. It may surprise some how cotton was regarded as a rich person’s clothing. In those days, cotton was not easily available as compared to today and was imported from India and America, levying a high taxation. Amongst the common fabrics were flax and wool. Wool was spun into a form know as tweed.

Men of the Renaissance Age commonly wore boots, pants, a shirt, a vest and a hat. Women would be seen wearing shoes, an over and under skirt, a shirt, a bodice, and a hat or snood. They generally braided their long hair. Curls were a mark of beauty. Children after the age of years would wear what the adults wore.

It is believed that during the Renaissance, clothes wore such an important treasure that those belonging to the upper classes of nobility and aristocracy would spend all their earnings on what they wore. The women finely decorated their dresses. Typical Renaissance clothing was not just limited to England, which was ruled by Queen Elizabeth, but its influence spread to other European countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Flanders, and Poland.

Today, Renaissance costumes are more about fun. While it is completely outdated, yet it forms a theme for costume parties and fancy dress balls. While the clothing of that age did have its own charm and class, yet it would be inconvenient and extremely expensive an option to wear today. Especially considering the layers of cloth required. Yet, Renaissance costumes remain a subject of intricate study amongst prospective fashion designers.

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