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Halloween Costumes

Posted in August 11th, 2007
Published in Halloween Costumes

Halloween’s coming soon, and it’s time to pick the right costume for that Halloween party you go to every year. Halloween is that very special time of year when even the adults get to play dress-up, even a little bit of “make pretend” should the mood move them. For every Halloween party, passing out candy, or otherwise potentially spooky event, having an excellent costume makes the night all the more fun and all the more fantastic. Adults should not have to settle for whatever is left on the rack simply because they are a little bit older and a little bit bigger. Rather, adult costume stores have actually noticed an increase in adult costume demands over the last five years. While the popularity and origins of Halloween have come under intense scrutiny over the past ten years, adults who wish to partake of the ghoulish fun are seeking the right costume for just the right occasion.

So how do you go about picking something unique and different (because of course you want to stand out)?

It’s best to stay away from the top picks. Instead, check out the classic costumes, or the historical ones. Buy something that you can enhance with your own personal touches.

Once you’ve selected your costume, brainstorm ways you can personalize it to suit you. If you’ve decided to go as a witch, for example, think about adding a touch of color. Accessorize with something that’s unique. Or choose a theme, like a sea witch, and accessorize accordingly.

Don’t forget that makeup can also make a big difference. Glitter, glow in the dark or just plain dramatic are all options. If you’re wearing a costume that’s more on the horror side, go for realistic looking blood as a unique touch.

The key is to start with a basic costume and keep on the lookout for accessories that will set you apart. You’ll be guaranteed to show up in an unusual and unique costume that’s personalized to suit you!

Pirate Costume Ideas For Halloween

Posted in February 11th, 2010

There’s no time like Halloween to dress up in a fabulous costume. Halloween is the perfect occasion for people of all ages to transform into surprising and fun characters. This holiday is all about finding the perfect costume and having fun with family and friends. From pirate costumes to superhero costumes, you can let your imagination run wild on this special occasion. Halloween is an especially exciting time for children, who love getting disguised and going trick-or-treating with their friends.
For pirate costumes, there are different ways you can approach it. You could make the costume yourself, or put together pieces you find to get the look you want. For these, some great resources are consignment shops, where you can find unique and affordable fabric, clothing, and even accessories for your costume.
For accessories, look for tall boots, a pirate hat or a sword, and a sash. You can also look for flashy gold jewelry to fit the pirate costumes - remember this is the kind of stuff they were after.

Probably the most fun for pirate costumes is the variety of Halloween accessories you can include with them. That is what makes them so fascinating and enjoyable to work with.

Witch Costumes on a Budget

Posted in February 11th, 2010
Published in Halloween Costumes

The Witch is a classic Halloween costume and both young and old can wear it. The sexy witch costumes ranks within the top 10 of most popular Halloween costumes for women. It has evolved throughout the years and the addition of the sexy witch costume made it even more popular.

Witch costumes are staple outfits for Halloween parties. However, the concept of witch costumes has undergone several changes. Although witches have a negative connotation attached to their role, you can now dress up as a sweet and sexy, or even naughty witch.

Sexy witch costumes can range from little mini black dresses which leave almost nothing to the imagination to the lengthy and lacy “Morticia Adams” kind of gowns.

Witch costumes are easy homemade costume to make in a hurry. Fabric cut into a large circle, cutouts for the head and arms work like magic to costume your little Witch. The most important part of the Witch costume is the hat.

But what if you want to go as the ugly creepy witch? Well here are a few make up suggestions to accompany your witch costume:
Get some body safe costume makeup glue and fasten a corn flake to your face…that’s how you make a costume wart. Give this Witch a glam look or you can easily turn it into a very fashionable Gothic Witch costumes with some white, black and gray costume makeup.

Harry Potter Costumes

Posted in February 8th, 2010
Published in Halloween Costumes

With all of the success of the Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling, it’s no wonder why so many people want to dress up in Harry Potter costumes for Halloween and other events.

Harry’s own brand of wizard has been widely adopted by kids and adults alike and has become a staple outfit when the calendar hits October 31st. The adult Harry Potter costumes is essentially the exact same as the child Harry Potter costumes since the styles are so universal.

Buying Harry Potter outfits from costume shops can be expensive, however. Here are tips on how to dress like a witch and wizard and create your own Harry Potter costumes.

Harry Potter costumes will be back in vogue for 2010 Halloween The release of Harry Potter and th Half Blood Prince will skyrocket this costume’s popularity. Expect a surge in popularity with Harry Potter costumes, and Ron Weasley, Draco, Hermione, Hagrid and the bunch.

Angel Costumes - this year’s fashion statement

Posted in February 5th, 2010
Published in Halloween Costumes

Whether you’re looking for angel costumes for Halloween, instance Christmas plays, or even caroling, there are a variety out there to choose from, in many different colors, styles and price ranges. There are a lot of angel costumes on the market, ranging from cheap and cheerful to quality deluxe.  They are available in both child size and adult, meaning individuals of all ages will be able to have fun as an angel. 

An angel costumecan be used for a romantic evening on Valentines, if you’re feeling especially fun and flirty. Usually the angel costumes give ethereal appearance and you will feel stunning and gorgeous when wearing this costume.

The angel costumes do not require lot of money to design and create it.
The sexy angel costume is most fascinating and beautiful costume that every girl, whether young or old, would like to wear at least once in the life time. The angel costumes are more attractive and it will make lots of people around you to feel good and happy.

If you’re looking to get angel costumesfor a child because they are going to be in a Christmas play, they usually sell some that are specially made just for this at costume stores.

Pictures of Cosplay Costumes

Posted in September 1st, 2007
Published in Halloween Costumes


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Medieval Clothing

Posted in January 15th, 2007
Published in Halloween Costumes

From the 11th through the 13th centuries, medieval clothing varied according to the social standing of the people. The clothing worn by nobility and upper classes was clearly different than that of the lower class.

The clothing of peasants during the Middle Ages was very simple, while the clothing of nobility was fitted with a distinct emphasis on the sleeves of the garments. Knights adorned themselves with sleeveless “surcoats” covered with a coat of arms. Barbarian nomads wore clothing made of fur, wool, and leather. They wore long trousers, some of which had attached feet. Fine leather shoes were also worn. Imports such as turbans and silks from the East were common for the more fortunate of society.

As with today, clothing styles of medieval men changed periodically. At the end of the 13th century, the once loose and flowing tunics became tighter fitting. Besides tunics, the men also wore undershirts and briefs covered by a sleeveless jacket and an additional tunic. Stockings completed the ensemble. Men’s medieval clothing also consisted of cloaks with a round opening that was slipped over the man’s head. Such cloaks were worn over other clothing as a type of “jacket”.

Early medieval women’s clothing consisted of “kirtles”, which were tunics worn to their ankles. These tunics were often worn over a shirt. When the women were in public, they often topped the tunics with an even shorter “kirtle.” Of course the more affluent women wore more luxurious clothing than those of the less affluent lifestyle. Women, especially those who were married, wore tight-fitting caps and nets over their hair, which was wound in a “bun” on their heads. Other women wore veils over their hair, which was left either hanging loosely, or braided tightly.

Renaissance Clothing

Posted in January 11th, 2007
Published in Halloween Costumes

A part of the Age of Renaissance was the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The clothing during that period spoke much about the social standing of the wearer. One could largely distinguish between aristocracy or nobility and the lower-downs. In fact what one wore was extremely important, as compared to the present day scenario.

The rich wore fabrics such as velvet, satin and cotton, whereas the poor wore flannel and other cheaply available fabrics. It may surprise some how cotton was regarded as a rich person’s clothing. In those days, cotton was not easily available as compared to today and was imported from India and America, levying a high taxation. Amongst the common fabrics were flax and wool. Wool was spun into a form know as tweed.

Men of the Renaissance Age commonly wore boots, pants, a shirt, a vest and a hat. Women would be seen wearing shoes, an over and under skirt, a shirt, a bodice, and a hat or snood. They generally braided their long hair. Curls were a mark of beauty. Children after the age of years would wear what the adults wore.

It is believed that during the Renaissance, clothes wore such an important treasure that those belonging to the upper classes of nobility and aristocracy would spend all their earnings on what they wore. The women finely decorated their dresses. Typical Renaissance clothing was not just limited to England, which was ruled by Queen Elizabeth, but its influence spread to other European countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Flanders, and Poland.

Today, Renaissance costumes are more about fun. While it is completely outdated, yet it forms a theme for costume parties and fancy dress balls. While the clothing of that age did have its own charm and class, yet it would be inconvenient and extremely expensive an option to wear today. Especially considering the layers of cloth required. Yet, Renaissance costumes remain a subject of intricate study amongst prospective fashion designers.

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